TVR T350

The T350 was the new coupe based on the running gear of the universally acclaimed Tamora. The concept was to apply TVR's expertise gained in motorsport to a road car, and both shape and engineering owe much to TVR's racing programme. It was intended to form the basis of a racing car for the new GT Cup class of the British GT Championship as well as for a number of overseas one-make race series. The T350 is available in two forms – the T350 C, where C stands for coupe, and the T350 T, for targa, which is the version with two removable carbon fibre panels overhead.

Function dominates form with the T350 and its motorsport application determines the way the car looks. As a result, every effort has been made to maximise downforce while minimising drag. The frontal area is very smooth without a central radiator intake which helps it punch through the air easily while the sharply cut off tail punctuates the airflow sharply to reduce drag. The sloping roofline at the back has been very precisely profiled to ensure that the airflow remains attached to the car in order to negate lift. Allied to a diffuser under the exhausts and a splitter at the front, the T350's shape has been optimised aerodynamically in a way that is simply impossible with a two-seater convertible.

The interior of the T350 is largely based on that of the Tamora and is all the better for that. It has the same analogue readout for speed and engine revs above a switchable multi-function display which gives the driver the fullest range of information from engine water and oil temperature, outside air temperature and battery volts to maximum and minimum values achieved (including maximum speed). A sports pack is available which offers extra readouts including lap times. With a typical hatchback opening over the large luggage area, the TVR T350 has benefits in terms of plenty of boot space with easy loading.

The T350 ultimately became the launchpad for the design for the TVR Sagaris which was a more extreme variant of the T350 design powered with the Tuscan S or Red Rose Speed Six engine.

The running gear is all relatively standard TVR Speed 6 based engineering with its chassis shared with its stablemates the TVR Tamora and the TVR Tuscan. Most parts are still available, although some electronic control units are not available and will need to be repaired if they become defective.

There are numerous upgrades available for this car and the more major ones are listed under the Upgrades tab.

Engine 6-cylinder inline alloy engine with 4 valves per cylinder and dry sump lubrication
Capacity (cc) 3605
Max Power 350 bhp @ 7200 rpm
Max Torque 290 ft.lbs @ 5500 rpm
Performance 0 to 60 mph: 4.4 seconds
0 to 100 mph: 9.5 seconds
Max Speed: 175 mph
Suspension All round independent – double wishbones and coil over gas dampers assisted by anti-roll bars
Braking Front: 304mm ventilated disc brakes with 4 piston alloy callipers
Rear: 282mm ventilated disc brakes with single piston sliding callipers
Steering Power assisted rack and pinion
Wheels and Tyres Front: 18 inch aluminium alloy wheels, 225/35 ZR18 tyres
Rear: 18 inch aluminium alloy wheels, 235/40 ZR18 tyres

The T350 enjoys the performance its looks promise. It is propelled by the same 350 bhp version of TVR's Speed Six engine that has seen the Tamora decimate the competition in test after test by the motoring press. In the case of the T350, acceleration, top speed and handling have been helped by its aerodynamically superb shape as well as its lower weight and centre of gravity.

Manufactured from 2002 until 2006 it was available in both coupe and targa variants, the TVR T350C and TVR T350T. The TVR T350 design formed the basis for the TVR Sagaris, the final one of TVRs production cars.

In production for some five or six years, the Speed Six power unit is a tried and tested and has performed admirably in the hothouse environment of GT endurance racing including the Spa 24 hour race in 2002. In all variants, TVR's own engine has been designed with responsiveness in mind which is the reason for it having individual throttle butterflies per cylinder and an ignition and fuelling map specifically written to make revs rise and fall instantaneously.

Factory optional extras on T350s include Red Rose conversion, air-conditioning, 18” alloy wheels, close ratio gearbox, full hide interior, expensive paintwork and gas discharge headlights.

The TVR T350 is a sensible entry level TVR but ensure that you are buying a car with a good main dealer history including full service history. Typical problems to look out for on higher mileage examples are noisy engines, stiff clutch pedal with clutches typically requiring replacing every 18000-22000 miles, leaking shock absorbers and radiators can also leak. There was an upgrade to the cooling system from the TVR factory but not every T350 has had this fitted.

Brakes are generally good with the exception of the handbrake but the car definitely will benefit from a good set of shock absorbers such as Bilsteins or the fabulous adjustable ASTs from Racing Green and polyurethane suspension bushes make the car more predictable and cut down on a lot of ride noise.

There is more wind noise from the TVR T350T with the removable roof panels above about 80mph but apart from that the targa panels do make a surprising difference to the car when they are removed.

Racing Green TVR can resolve all problems with TVR T350s and also now offer numerous performance upgrades from engine management to high performance shock absorbers so please look at the Upgrade tag for further information on this fabulous sports car. Secondhand TVR T350s are now readily available in the used car market but superb examples are getting steadily harder to find. Racing Green TVR always aims to hold used T350s in stock, and can source a particular specification T350 to order if required. To book a test drive or enquire about T350's in stock please call our Sales Department on 01252 894790 or 01252 894795.

Sorry, we don't have any TVR T350 cars in stock at the moment.

Racing Green TVR has developed a reputation for upgrades to TVRs from shiny Stainless Steel wheel nuts right through to the mighty FFF cylinder head and the performance enhancing Syvecs engine management system. Over the past few years Racing Green TVR has been focused on ensuring that TVRs remain where they belong, out on the road and track. To this end we have been continuously developing a number of products that will ensure that your TVR will perform better than when it left the famous Bristol Road Factory in Blackpool.

From AST shock absorbers through to Quaife differentials, from full polyurethane suspension bush kits to high specification catalytic converters Racing Green TVR is the company to talk to when it comes to uprating your TVR. In the listings below we are showing the main upgrades available for your car but if you do not see something that you are specifically after please contact us as we will almost certainly be able to help you.

For all TVR Upgrade enquiries please contact Bryan on 01252 894787 or and you will be able to discuss your requirements in some detail.

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Upgrades: Electrical and electronics

Battery charger auto CTEK

Battery charger auto CTEK

CTEK battery management system for all TVR models. The CTEK MXS 3.8 battery charger is ideal for use in any vehicle with a battery capacity of up to 130 Ah. It can be safely left connected indefinitely to ensure that a battery is in peak condition when it's needed. It is completely safe to use and waterproof. It will charge batteries at a constant rate of 3.8 Amps per hour unlike conventional linear chargers which may be rated at 10 Amps or more but which can rapidly drop down to as little as 1 Amp. Racing Green TVR can fit the CTEK into the boot and hardwire this into your TVR allowing you to simply plug the unit into the mains to ensure the battery is kept fully charged for when you want to use your car. This is the larger capacity 3.8 amp CTEK MXS 3.8 charger as the earlier 3600 version is no longer available.
Ctek cigarette lighter socket lead

Ctek cigarette lighter socket lead

Allows the battery to be charged via the cigarette lighter socket inside the vehicle*, thus removing the need to lift the bonnet to charge the battery. It is also ideal if the battery is awkwardly placed in the vehicle or requires tools to remove a cover over the battery.
Engine management system, Syvecs

Engine management system, Syvecs

Racing Green TVR has developed the ideal engine management system for TVR engines. Following on from the TVR Speed 6 development program Racing Green TVR has decided that the Syvecs Engine Management system is ideal for all TVR applications that normally run the standard old MBE systems. MBE was the chosen engine management system for the new range of TVRs after the TVR Chimaera and TVR Griffith and was first used on the TVR Cerbera V8s when they were launched in 1996. Given the vast progress since the early to mid 1990's in electronics, engine management and engine control sensors it is not a great surprise that there is a significantly better system available for all the TVRs out there on the roads. Syvecs is a race derived engine management system and has been developed by the hugely successful Life Racing Company which is the sister company to Advanced Engine Research. AER provides race engines for many successful race teams and its victories have included Le Mans 24 hour winners. To create the engine management capability to support its impressive race engines it has a LifeRacing. The Syvecs S6GP was developed by LifeRacing for Syvecs and this is the ECU that Racing Green TVR recommends for TVRs. Syvecs produce ECUs for the highest level of motorsport and until recently have only been available to the Motorsport Industry. The programming is of the highest levels and also provides for optional sophisticated switchable traction control. Traction control is fully switchable from an 8 position switch and allows no traction control through to get you home on slicks on black ice!!!! This level of control has not been available to TVR owners before and is now available for all Speed 6 engined cars and AJP V8s. The Rover V8 as fitted to the TVR Chimaera and TVR Griffith is also another candidate for this ECU but as of yet Racing Green TVR has not had the opportunity to fit the Syvecs to such a car but no doubt will do shortly. Utilising advanced engine sensors allows for the extraction of the maximum horsepower whilst also protecting the engine to the highest level. Having a tuned knock sensor is an incredible step forwards for the longevity of the Speed 6. Detonation is/has been a significant problem especially with number 6 cylinder and having the software and algorithms within the ECU to sense the onset of detonation and immediately protect the engine is critical. This system also protects the engine against a poor batch of fuel or detonation caused by rising temperatures in the engine bay critically useful for track days. Racing Green TVR has fitted this ECU to many TVRs now and it really makes a significant difference to the whole way the TVR feels and drives Coupling this management system to the FFF engine really allows TVR owners to enjoy unprecedented levels of horsepower together with real time knock sensing and sequential fuelling for the ultimate in engine protection whilst traction control allows this power to be safely delivered in all conditions. Fitting the ECU to Standard Speed 6 engines and the AJP V8s really makes a fabulous difference to the way the car feels and drives as well as giving far better fuel control and defending the engine from the dangerous approach of detonation. Racing Green TVR has developed the fitting of this kit to a very high level. The ECU loom is renewed and even includes a network cable to allow the ECU to be communicated with over the internet. This allows this ECU package to be fitted anywhere around the world and mapped from the UK!!! To sum it up, there really is no other ECU to fit to TVRs. This price includes fitting but there are different costs relating to the different vehicles and required specification. Contact Bryan Sutton on 01252 894787 to discuss all the benefits of a Syvecs Management System and the various options.
Engine management upgrade for TVR Speed 6 engine .

Engine management upgrade for TVR Speed 6 engine .

Complete Omex engine management upgrade for all TVR Speed 6 engines. This upgrade package has been developed by Racing Green TVR and Omex and offers a massive upgrade to the engine management of the TVR Speed 6 engine. The Omex 710 ECU lies at the heart of this modification and is a very powerful current ECU capable of running a V12 engine with sequential injection to 14000 rpm so the TVR Speed 6 is well within its control. This new ECU manages the ignition and fuelling for the TVR Speed 6 engine and also for the first time gives it full idle control as well. The comprehensive kit includes the internal engine loom from the bulkhead to the ECU, 6 new Bosch 4 point injectors, Bosch coolant temperature sensor, idle bypass valve and manifold and all associated pipework. Software maps are available for all variants of the TVR Speed 6 engine and once fitted this package gives increased power, smoothness, driveability as well as better fuel consumption. Cold start sequence maintains 1000 rpm whilst the engine warms up and 850 rpm is achieved at 50 degrees making the car far easier to drive from cold especially around town. Racing Green TVR has now fitted many of these upgrades and customers are all highly delighted with the results. This kit suits all TVR Speed 6 engines from 2001 onwards. Please contact Bryan at Racing Green TVR for more information on this exciting product or a test drive in the demonstrator. For enhanced lambda control Racing Green TVR also offer ultra high quality oxygen sensors at a slight extra cost to ensure the fuelling is absolutely correct. The new modified engine loom from ECU to bulkhead is now fully developed and ensures that fitting this kit is extremely straight forward and is easily accomplished by the DIY TVR car mechanic.
Lighting kit, HID gas units

Lighting kit, HID gas units

Powerful High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb kit to replace H7 bulb applications. Transforms night driving. The light in the bulb is created from an arc between two electrodes in a glass capsule containing Xenon gas This is a kit which will replace H7 bulbs types. These are mainly installed on dip beam but can also be used for main beam too. The kit contains a pair. The kit can be used on the later Cerberas with the smaller seperate lights ie 2000 onwards.

Racing Green TVR only use TVR Genuine Parts, so as to ensure that the authenticity of your car is maintained. A full range of the parts stocked by TVR Parts Ltd, the exclusive licensed supplier of these parts, can be found on their website For any further information please call us or email us on